Web Site Modifications

One of the aspects I consider when designing a web site is how best to build redundancy into a design template. In short the design must be able to accomodate changes in the client business..whether it be the addition of 3 new services or the incorpoation of a new logo.
Designing sites with those thoughts in mind will ensure that a client will not have to back to the design drawing board if changes are required. It saves time and money and is a very common client request

Featured project: Sarah Grus Weddings

We understand the importance of keeping the content on our web site fresh and regularly showcase one of our latest projects.
Our most recent featured project is a web site we created for Sarah Grus Weddings
Getting married is big business and many modern day brides turn to the internet to find and research vendors, to guarantee their big day is just right.

Sarah Grus Weddings, a St Louis based wedding coordinator company, understood the importance of having a web site and wanted to ensure that their information was available 24/7 to brides looking for the perfect wedding planner. They wanted a very stylish sophisticated design which appealed to women of all ages, whether it be a bride or mother of the bride.

We started by creating a custom logo and then worked from a palette of soft dusky colors during the design of the web template. It was further enhanced with sepia photographs.

A clean site with intuitive navigation it serves as the perfect medium for the business it serves.

Visit the site at:

Online shopping from St Louis web designer

It is gift season and all I can say is “How did I ever survive without online shopping?”

I have purchased everything from live rose bushes to magazine subscriptions, historic maps to the computer which I am sitting in front of as I type!

This Christmas season I have found some pure gift nuggets …and all online! Now as long as the estimated shipping date hold up I am all sorted!