Inspiration for a St Louis web designer

As a designer my inspiration come from many avenues and today when, here in St Louis we experinced one of those “luxury winter days” when you can forget your coat, my thoughts turned to the weather.

Weather can act as a great inspiration for designers. Think of those stormy days when the sky is purple with rage but a single ray of sunshine can make trees appear vibrant green. A classic St Louis icestorm leaves a million prisms in the trees.

One of my favorite pieces of work was done during a snow storm. It was a vibrant web site with high energy graphics which seem to literally fly out of my mouse..was it the weather??!!

St Louis graphic design: Pop Quizz

As a graphic designer the creations I produce are used to convey a message, evoke a response or emotion…. from web sites which give a company credibility to brochures that make their reader pick up the phone and call.

Graphic design is a powerful tool.
But here is a pop quiz ..what am I trying to say with the following illustration?


If you think you know the answer email me here

A new web site for 2006?

The start of the new year is often a time for planning and can be the trigger to jump start ideas that have maybe been on the back burner or tasks that have been put off.
Does your business have a web site, is it about time to have a professionally designed logo to give your businesss the image it truely deserves, are you looking to hire a graphic design company to give some ommmph to a stale brochure?

Finding a company to work with to accomplish tasks like these can often be rather daunting. Here at Indigo Image our professional approach makes executing your design projects easy. Give us a call today at 636 273 6746 to see how we can help you.