Who owns your site code?

The choice of companies to create and develop your company web site is huge. There are many questions to ask to ensure the company you select is the one who is going to deliver the results.

One question that may slip through the cracks is who owns the final code of the site?

Here at Indigo Image ownership of all the work we create is always given to the client on completion of the project. This includes not only comprehensive copyright but also ownership to code of the entire site.

A web design and coding challenge.

As a web designer an important element of my job is to keep up to date with web technology.

A technology that has been floating around for a few years is the coding of web site without using tables to control the layout but cascading style sheets. This is certainly gaining popularity and has many advantages over the table approach.

I recently came across a challenge at zengarden.com;download the HTML and CSS file and create a unique web site..but by editing only the CSS file. It looked like a great way educate myself on the finer points of cascading style sheet issues and indeed was.

They have just published the design, Purple Haze, I submitted http://www.mezzoblue.com/zengarden/alldesigns/bydate/

Meaning and associations of color

As a web and graphic designer my world is full of color. Today I thought I would share the positive and negative “meanings” of color.


Positive: Passion, love, blood, energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement, heat, power
Negative: Aggression, Anger, battle, revolution, cruelty, immortality


Positive: Creativity, Invigoration, Uniqueness, Energy,Health
Negative: Crassness, Flashiness


Positive: Passion, Love, Intellect, wisdom,joy, Idealism
Negative: Jealously, Cowardice


Positive: Fertility,Money, Success, Nature, harmony, Honesty, Youth
Negative: Greed, Envy, Poison, Corrosion, Inexperienced


Positive:Knowledge, Coolness, Peace, Loyalty, Justice, Intelligence
Negative: Depression, coldness, Detachment, Apathy


Positive:Luxury, Wisdom, Rank, Wealth, Imagination, Sopestication, Inspiration, Mysticism
Negative: Exaggeration, Excess, Madness


Positive:Power, sophestication, weight, formality, dignity, mystery
Negative: Fear, death, evil, remorse

A Novel Advertising Opportunity

If you are considering an advertising campaign one of the most important considerations is to concetrate your efforts so that your target audience is exposed to your endeavours.

I came across a novel advertising opportunity yesterday… and while not offering good exposure to our target audience, it could be just what you are looking for your next advertising campaign.

A couple of english student are looking for sponsorship to finance a year of travel. On their web site www.sponsormytshirt.com you can place a bid to sponsor their T shirts. The winning bidder will have their T shirt design worn 24 hours a day 7 days a week during their world travels!

It seems these two chaps enjoy the odd beer, so if your target audience are beer drinkers and bar frequenters this may be the advertising campaign for you!