Web Site Usability

How usable is your web site? This is a term you may have heard but what does it actually mean? The bottom line is web site usability is all about engaging your site visitors and can encompass a large number of issues.

For Example

  • A slow loading web site can cause visitors to “give up” before: Engagement rating a big fat zero
  • Poorly designed navigation can lean to frustration
  • Long streams of text. Reasearch from Usability expert Jakob Nielsen has shown that people read 25% slower from a computer screen that reading from paper.

For a free uability evaluation of your web site give us a call at 636 273 6746 or E-mail: IndigoImage

Graphic design project for St Louis based MyKnowIt.com

Creating a look/feel which can be carried through all media from print,web to email template, is an important aspect in maintaining a brand consistency.
Getting it done right at the start can save problems down the road.

Building a translatable look feel is just what we have done this year for St Louis based MyKnowIt, an online training provider. We have worked closely with them and created the company identity, web site, software interface and powerpoint template. Our latest creation using the company brand elements is a brochure.

What is Lorem Ipsum?

Our approach to creating a web site is a very phased process : Design, Code, Populate and launch.

During the design phase our objective is to collaborate with our client to create a look/feel design, a suitable navigation system and layout content.

For clients, it is easy to become distracted by readable text rather than focus on the overall design so we populate our sites with the latin text Lorem ipsum. Lorem lipsum has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters as is seen in english so is perfect for achieving a look feel of content.

And what does Lorem Ipsum mean?….. nothing at all!