Color Punch..another new theme for iGoogle users.

Google recently index another theme I created for their iGoogle dash board.

The theme, titled Color Punch, is dynamic changing 7 times throughtout the day. The designs and color are pretty” in your face” hence the name. So far the theme has had great reviews and ratings

“Great theme! Love the way it changes colors – and how often it changes. Brilliant designs and colors. Great job – thanks!”

To use any of our themes click here

Pixel Perfect Coding

Two of my projects last week moved out of the design phase and into the coding phase.
It is during this phase that the non functional design created are sliced up and reconstructed into into fully functional web pages albeit void of content. Content population comes next.

During this intial coding phase our pages are tested, tested and tested again to ensure they perform well across all user platforms and browsers. In a perfect world all browsers would render a coded page exactly the same way …but this is not the case. Browsers can introduce gaps and spaces into a design. A web design which displays seemlessley when viewed with internet Explorer can have gaps and spaces when view with Firefox.

We employ a standard of pixel perfect coding …a design will display seemlessly whatever browser it is viewed on. We achieve this though the slicing logic used in cutting up our designs and careful coding with hacks where necessary.

Fox2’s Great Garden Contest: Call for votes

Those of you who are regular visitors to this blog, will know that my rest and relaxation away from my computer is to be found in my garden.
I recently saw a call for entries for a Great Garden Contest on STL Fox 2 News so took a few pictures and emailed them in.

To my delight my garden has been selected as one of the top 20 and is currently featured in the Viewers Choice category on their web site. I need your votes!

To vote visit

Login or create an account if you dont have one and select Entry #18 : Zoe Feast. You can vote up until June 27th.

I promise to go back to writing about web design soon. My next post will be about pixel perfect coding.

Eye of a St Louis web designer

I took the afternoon off work yesterday and indulged myself in my garden.
For many, yard work is a chore, but for me dabbling in the garden is a good way to unwind from the rigors of being the St Louis web designer!
Here is a photo of a beautiful Lacecap Hyrangea just about to burst into flower. I have had this shrub for three years and this is the first it has produced any flowers.

New Web site for Manufacturer of Aerospace Shims and Brackets: Stroco

Launched this week is a re-designed web site for Stroco Manufacturing.

Stroco Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures and assembles shims, brackets, nut plates, terminal boards, cover plates, receptacle strips, and other metal products for the aerospace industry and high precision industries.

The web site focuses on delivering the information to the user as quickly and easily as possible with the home page funneling users to specific products or services.

Visit the site at

Support for Small Business in Wildwood, Mo

Starting a new business is an exciting process and small business owners need all the support they can get.

A new Pediatric and Adult Massage practice has recently opened in Wildwood. Owner, Wendy Godwin, is currently offering 50% off your first massage.

The business is located close to the Wildwood town center:-

Wildwood Heath & Wellness Center
1617 Manchester Road,
Wildwood, Mo.

Email Wendy here to find out more