A great web site design testimonial

Today’s post speaks for itself.

“I worked with Zoe when I started the entire branding initiative for our business. We needed to have our webpage up very quickly. Zoe obtained a very good understanding, very quickly, of what made our business different and how we wanted our site to look. She worked with me closely for three weeks so that we could have our site up as soon as possible. I couldn’t have been more impressed with our end result. She did a great job and is a true professional. I have (and would) recommend her to anyone seeking a webpage designer.”

Megan O’Leary
Software Assistants

Eye of the St Louis web Designer

This week has seen me multi task on nine different design projects. Jumping from logo design to web design, updating client web sites and sales calls.

On this beautiful St Louis morning I took a little time to visit my garden ahead of all the hustle and bustle of the day- it is my antidote to the digital world. I would rather be pottering around among my flowers than twittering any day!

This is a self seeded Morning Glory enjoying the morning sunshine. By this afternoon it will be gone but I will be treated to another spectacular display tomorrow.

A web and graphic design portfolio: A lead generator

I met with a potential client earlier this week, looking to create a logo and web site look and feel. A start up company, they have a great idea and a hefty business plan – a sure sign to mean that they really mean business.

It never ceases to amaze me the number of start up companies I meet who have no business plan just a vague idea. They want to start developing a brand image with no idea of who they are targeting, their competition, price structure and any of those other elements a good business plan will detail.

The start up company I met this week had found us via Google and had spent a considerable time going through our extensive portfolio. We had impressed them enough that they called and scheduled an appointment. A great example of our web and graphic design portfolio working as a lead generator!