New website for Equestrian Farm: Spring Willows Farm

What better way to start the week than the launch of a new web site.
Introducing  Spring Willows Farm. Based in Centralia, Illinois, the farm provides a multitude of equestrian services from horse boarding, riding lessons, horsemanship and stable management lessons.

The design of this site was inspired by a great selection of client  photographs which feature prominently throughout and with the high class level of facilities they provide it was important that the web site reflect this. Visit the site or connect with them via Twitter or Facebook.

Here is what owner Christine Hull had to say

Thanks you so very much for the wonderful job you did on the website. Working with you was a pleasure and I’m really impressed with the outstanding workmanship on our project. Great job!”

Happy client= Happy web designer!
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All Change

I have been writing this blog for … gasp … five years, that’s half the time I have been in business. Today marks the start of a few upgrades. Drum roll…

I have changed the name from

Indigo Thoughts


The Chicago Web Designer

Now back to blogging!

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Blushing: The Chicago web designer

It is my objective to provide exceptional service for my clients and getting a recommendation like the one below on Linked In makes my face break out into a wide grin … and maybe even blush a little!

“Zoe has that rare combination of broad vision and tactical expertise, especially when it comes to careful listening. She is able to form the concept into a distinctive message, and then follows through with outstanding execution. Really knows her business. Zoe is as much an astute advisor as service provider.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Peter Meder

I worked with Peter earlier this year on a web and branding project for his Chicago based headhunting company.

Thanks Peter, for taking the time to write such a flattering recommendation.
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Chicago web designer jargon square

Every profession has its own lingo and jargon and web design is far from exempt.  If you are in the market for a new web site the last thing you want is to be bombarded with is a lot of techno babble. It’s more than likely you don’t care about RSS, XML, CMS, meta tags, optimizing, browser compatibility, hosting… that’s why you are hiring a professional web designer, right?  The important thing is you hire somewhere who understand and speaks the “language”.
Chicago web design jargon
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