Using Twitter to solve problems

Twitter is a great platform for getting problems solved. A quick tweet about an issue and more likely than not you will get an answer, saving you time and aggravation.

Here are a couple of examples of how my Twitter friends have helped me out.

  1. GoDaddy coupon fail
    I was having real trouble applying a coupon to items in my GoDaddy cart. Any coupon I tried was immediately rejected.
  2. twitter conversation problem solved

  3. Firefox 4.0
    I upgraded my browser to Firefox 4.0 but the default position of the Home button was causing me aggravation!

Look at the time frame of response from both of these, within minutes I had answers to the issues I was facing.  For both of these tweets I used hash tags at the end of the tweet. This can help get your problems noticed faster as many hash tags are monitored. In the case of@goodguydan he was not a follower of my tweets but was monitoring the hash tag #Firefox.

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Sneak peak at Restore North Shore web site

Here is a sneak peak at the new web site I am creating for Restore North Shore, a Chicago home remodeling company.

The site is designed around a palette of cool muted colors. This allows the photographs to pop through and take center stage as they really do most of the talking about the capabilities and quality of workmanship the company offers. The site features a simple slide show on the home page and more detailed portfolio sections within.

The framework of the site is completely built and I am just awaiting copy…

new chicago web site

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Internet deals, what’s not to love

Yesterday I launched some updates for and they included a great spring contest where visitors can register to win a $250 gift card to spend on hardscape products.  There are six up for grabs. New patio anyone?

Internet gift cards design

The internet has revolutionized the way we shop and for the savvy shopper there are coupons and opportunity for deals for just about anything. Adding a coupon or “opportunity to win” to a web site is marketing smart and combined with a social media push can drive considerable traffic to a site.

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Is your brand image consistent?

I am working on a couple of branding projects at the moment, one is creating everything from scratch ( see the start here)  and the other is a brand consistency project.

Is your brand image consistent? Do your customers have the same experience however they interact with you. From visiting your web site, to paging through a brochure or even receiving and invoice, all these interactions offer an opportunity to convey your unique message. Lack of consistency creates confusion and sends conflicting messages to your clients.

For example your web site projects an air of professionalism and trust through design, a well thought out color palette, fonts, imagery and excellent copy. Does that image carry through to your brochures, folders,  flyers or whatever other marketing pieces you use, or have they been hastily put together with no thought as to what they communicate?

Here is brand consistency in action, from web site through to presentation folder and DVD labeling the client is getting the same message.

Professional website

DVD folder design

Interested in how we can give your collateral material a more branded and polished look? Checked out our Branding Services.

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Where are you reading this blog post?

Are you making the most of your blog posts?

Did you know that it is really easy to extend the reach of each post you write, by importing your blog feed into your social network profiles like Facebook or LinkedIn. By doing so your new  posts get automatically published.

So today we have a little poll.

This dandy  poll was whipped up in 30 seconds at If you are not reading this via our site and can’t see it click here.

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What ever happened to Second Life?

I was revisiting some old blog posts this morning, interested to see what I was up to on March 7th in previous years and came across this post written on March 7th 2007.
Second Life investigation continues

In early 2007, Second Life was the “latest thing” and everyone was clamoring to be part of this virtual land. It was in every newspaper and magazine and  big retail stores like Circuit City and Sears  had set up Second Life store fronts.  Clearly something  “this big” warranted an investigation so I created an avatar, Indigo Oh, and dropped in to see the action.  I did a lot of wandering around and it appeared that some big bucks were being dropped in this pixel dimension.

But now it has disappeared from media view and I have considered revisiting to see just what is happening there but after reading this article it seems Second life is driven by adult orientated pastimes, so I think I will pass!

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Social Media in your Marketing Mix

After my last post Is your small business on board the social media wagon? I’d thought I’d share with you today some of my clients who are well on board the social media wagon.

Here is a shout out to my clients embracing social media.

We definitely practice what we preach when it come to social media. You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or subscribe to our blog

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