Blogger in Draft has a new dashboard

WordPress may be the preferred blogging platform for many but Google Blogger is still hugely popular.
Over the years the administrative dashboard has changed very little but yesterday a much needed and completely new design to the dashboard for Blogger Draft was implemented .

I use Blogger in Draft for a personal blog I write “Creative in Chicago

The overall appearance is a very clean and sleek design with a lot of the clunkiness of the old dashboard gone. A top navigation has been replaced by a left hand side drop down tool with intuitive little icons and a simple color palette is easy on the eye.

Here a a few screenshots

Dashboard Home

Blogger in draft new dashboardPost Page

New blogger in draft dashboard

New Post page
Blogger in draft new

Post Page

new blogger in draft

Layout Page

new blogger in draft

As with any new release it will take a bit of getting used to, especially as I have been using the old interface for over six years. From what I have seen so far I like the direction Google has taken in this redesign.

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We have a summer intern

Throughout the month of July we have a new addition to our office, a summer intern.

She is technically savvy and artistically gifted but comes to us with no knowledge of web design. However her eagerness to learn is energizing and the fact she has a blank slate when it comes to the world of web design is a plus, as we can point her in the right direction to how things should be done.

We have got her started on an HTML tutorial and she has dived right in, she is coding by hand which is the best way to learn.

Welcome aboard Chloe!

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