The Power of Before and After Photographs

We are all suckers for before and after transformations no matter what the subject.


Because before and after photographs engage. They grab attention offering potential and possibility and show us what can be done

Take a look at these before and after photos

Cheap > Expensive


Amateur > Professional

Drab > Fab

before after tattoo wipe

Trash > Treasure


Without one word of copy we have told a story in each set of photos – so important in the micro attention span of today’s website users. We have offered a level of engagement to someone who has an outdated website and maybe looking for a re-design, someone who has a faded tattoo and even someone looking to create a piece of art from trash. Granted it is an odd mix to have on a single page but you get the picture.


This engagement factor can lead to

  • A better understanding of a product which in turn can improve sales conversions
  • Impart a level of expertise
  • An improved connection with your visitors
  • The increased possibility of your content being shared on social media and all the upsides associated with that – increased traffic, better organic search engine placement, more quality back links etc.
  • Repeat visits to a website – visitors experiencing good interesting content on a site are more likely to return to it in the future

No matter what type of business you are in, before and after photographs are an excellent addition to your marketing efforts.

Including Before and After Photos in Your Marketing Mix

For products or services that result in a visual change – think web design, interior design, weight loss, fashion, makeup … the before and after photos are obvious – a screenshot of a website before and after re-design, a face with and without makeup, a sofa with and without pillows.

But say your business or service offers no real visual elements. How can before and after photos help and how do you go about creating them?

Here you can create scenarios which represent a situation with and without your product or service comparing Good (with service/product) vs Bad (without).

For example your are accountant who specializes in working with small businesses- how about a photograph of a shoe box messily filled with old receipts and invoices with the business owner pulling their hair out and another photo showing a neatly organized ledger and completed tax return with the business owner with a well groomed hair-do. A little creative thought can go a long way in dreaming up good before and after scenarios.