A Website redesign mini makeover project

Over the years I have had my fair share of web redesign projects, in fact a quick look through my web design portfolio and I can count about 20 projects that are  re design efforts. The majority are for new clients but there a few long standing customers who I work with (and with much appreciation) again and again.

Web redesign is an expected cycle in the life a web site.  Sometimes a full scale project is the only way to accomplish your objectives (  Your web site…is it time to re design? ) but other times a small cost effective maintenance project will suffice.

This was the case with one of my long standing customers Fair Market Inc.

After a mini makeover, we re-launched their web site earlier this month, giving new copy and photographs a fresher more appealing look/feel completely reworking the home page and adding blog functionality. Although the content of the site is all new the basic framework remains the same, with the same approach to navigation.

The site however is fresher and nicely up to date all without blowing the bank.

Home page
 fmi website

Products page

 New fmi website

How about your site? Could it benefit from a mini makeover?

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