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I recently had some business cards printed for a project and decided to give another printer a try. My usual printer is, I have been very happy with their service and results. However a quick Google search brought up and after a few minutes looking through their web site the price for their premium business cards was rather appealing. I placed the order and recieved the cards within the week. The quality was great.

My first order resulted in a flood of emails from Vista Print with offers for free this and free that. I thought I’d take advantage of one of these offers…not exactly free as they charge for design upload..around $4.00 if my memory serves me right. And then there was shipping. I opted for the slow shipping but recieved my oversized postcards within the week. But another great result, 5he printing was crisp and clean and the colors spot on.

I will definately be using them again

3 thoughts on “Another great printer for your design projects

  1. I've used Vista Print for "free" business cards. As long as you use one of their standard designs and let them put their logo on the back, you basically only have to pay for the shipping.

    I agree that the quality was great; however, I soon had to put a stop to the massive amount of e-mails I received from them!

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Good to hear from someone else who has had good results from this printer.

  3. I've used for years and have reaped the benefits of great discounts as a loyal customer. I know have many family members using them for the small business needs as well.

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