Another new theme for iGoogle

If you use iGoogle and your search page has a header that looks like this

did you know that Google now offers a directory of themes that allow you to customize the look of their interface?

They have just included a dynamic theme I created, which feature two boffins in a chemistry lab. The theme changes five times thoughout the day and follows the boffins as things go a little awry in their lab.

Click here to use this theme , if you don’t have one already you will need a free gmail account

2 thoughts on “Another new theme for iGoogle

  1. Hey, this is a fun theme. I'm trying it out. Thanks for the post. Can you e-mail me with more details? How'd this come to pass? How'd you decide to do this or how'd Google decide to use it? Is it something anyone can do? Thanks again!

  2. Kurt, thanks for your interest in The Boffins theme created for iGoogle.

    iGoogle has allowed customization of their interface for quite a while now but up until a few months ago the only themes available were those offered by Google itself. Around the beginning of March Google “opened the themes doors” and provided information on designing your own theme.


    The theme designs can be static, .i.e. stay the same throughout the day or dynamic, like The Boffins, which changes 5 times throughout the day. The theme is generated by an xml file which defines the main images, background, timeline for changes (if the theme is dynamic) and color styling for header, footer and link information. The footer allows you to include a credit which is a great marketing tool.

    The Boffins is the second theme I have created, the first “Mr. Bison’s Day” was for a client…see


    Mr. Bison’s Day is also a dynamic theme, again changing 5 times during the day.

    The iGoogle theme directory is not necessarily the best place to find quality themes, quite a few a very unprofessional and dull. This site
    lists all the best themes.

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