Web site in progress for wedding officiant

I am currently working on a new web web site for a St Louis wedding officiant. 

At the start of any project, as part of the discovery process, I asked my clients to send me a few URL’s of web sites they like and ones they don’t. From the sites they send, I can get a really good idea of the looks that appeal to them and vice versa.

My client on this project did a great job picking out sites. I did a search on wedding officiants and about 90% of the sites out there are awful – bad design, impossible navigation, no call to action, unpolished and generally just yucky. 

I can gaurentee that the site created for my client will NOT be in that 90%.

Web Design Work in Progress

I am currently multi tasking on seven web design projects in various stages of production, from design conceptualizations, basic coding, to search engine optimization. The clients range from Dr’s to bar owners, lawyers to contractors. I am wearing many hats and work best like this!

On top of that I am in the process of freshening up our web site and hope to roll out the changes next week. Our portfolio has suffered recently with lack of updates so I will have all that fixed too.

Watch out for changes in this blog next week.

A web/graphic designer to do list

It has been over a week since I wrote a post so you’d think I would be loaded with topics to write about. It appears not.

I have a pretty heavy work load at the moment with:-

  • Nine web sites in various stage of development – clients ranging from Attorneys to Doctors, retailers to printers.
  • Two print projects – A tri fold brochure and business card design.
  • A web usability design project
  • An email template project
  • A couple of web banner

I think I need a weekend!