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I have an usual name, Zoe Feast. That’s Zoe with a long “eeee” sound at the end and Feast pronounced Feast… as in Thanksgiving Feast. It really is that easy!

As a self marketing project I have made use of my name and launched ZoeFeast.com today. It follows the lines of a ” business card website”, inspired by this great blog post. A simple, one page portal to my networks and company.

I broke away from my Indigo Image corporate brand image for this project and enjoyed the creative freedom.

What unique aspect do you have with which to market your business?

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St Louis Web Designer’s question of the day: Do you provide web hosting?

Do you provide web hosting? This is one of my popular “Frequently Asked Questions”.

The short answer is no, but the long answer is yes.

We are a web design company not a web hosting company and are happy to leave the intricacies of web hosting to the experts. However we can work with any web host of our clients choosing (or recommend a hosting company). This is a seamless process for our clients and all the nuts and bolts of getting a site live are taken care of. Once their site is ready we will open a hosting account suitable for their needs, upload all the files, configure email addresses and make sure their domain names are pointing to the right place.

This one stop shop type service is what most clients are wondering when they ask “Do you provide web hosting”

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A decade in Business for the St Louis Web Designer

10 years in web design
Happy New Year! 2010 will see Indigo Image, home of the St Louis web designer, celebrate 10 years in business! It is a milestone we are extremely proud of, showing that we can not only survive but thrive in this highly competitive market.

We have had lots of really great clients over the last decade but have a particular soft spot for our very first client “Jacqueline’s Journeys”. The web site is no longer active but I will always be grateful to Jacqueline for putting her trust in us to build her online presence.

So we are looking forward to what the next 10 years will bring, the clients we will meet and the new technological tools in our “tool box”.

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Holiday Greetings from the St Louis Web Designer.

I like to produce a digital holiday card for my customers each year and this year have spiced it up with a custom video produced using xtranormal. “If you can type you can make movies”. Its a great application and easy use. You can select from a whole bundle of characters, give them different accents set the background, camera angles, make them move and apply ambient sounds… and all for FREE. What’s not to love about that.

So sit back and enjoy my little message from this fabulous green robot ( he has an English accent of course). I think I may have to make him my mascot!

Eye of the St Louis web designer: Thankful

I have lived in the USA for 13 years and in all that time have always celebrated Thanksgiving. Its a good excuse for a slap up dinner so what not to celebrate despite my English origins. However this year is my first Thanksgiving as an American Citizen so it is a little more special than usual.

The list of things I am thankful for is long but where my business is concerned here are three things.

    • My education that has allowed me start and operate my own business – about to embark on my 10th year!


    • In the midst of a recession business is good and steady


    • The opportunity to work with some really great people

What are you thankful for?

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Eye of a St Louis web designer: Support our Troops

Here is the St Louis Web designer’s plug of the week.


Hotshots is currently collecting requested items to send to our boys and girls overseas.

Where: Any Hotshots Location, bulk donation taken at the Fenton location

What: Snacks & Entertainment items are always the #1 request. See the Hotshots web site for full list

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ipod earbuds fall out of my ears. Do yours?

Music can often be a great inspiration to me when I am in designing and my ipod is always on my desk. However, hands up if your ipod earbuds fall out of your ears? Mine do, the standard ipod earbuds were swiftly replaced with an in-ear pair but I still have problems with “fall out”.

A St Louis company, Yurtopia™ has come up with a fabulous novel product to end this misery: the yurbuds™. They convert the standard ipod earbuds to custom fitting earbuds which are not only more comfortable but they DO NOT FALL OUT!

A pair costs just $19.99



and get free shipping with this code: QF5SG

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