New website for Equestrian Farm: Spring Willows Farm

What better way to start the week than the launch of a new web site.
Introducing  Spring Willows Farm. Based in Centralia, Illinois, the farm provides a multitude of equestrian services from horse boarding, riding lessons, horsemanship and stable management lessons.

The design of this site was inspired by a great selection of client  photographs which feature prominently throughout and with the high class level of facilities they provide it was important that the web site reflect this. Visit the site or connect with them via Twitter or Facebook.

Here is what owner Christine Hull had to say

Thanks you so very much for the wonderful job you did on the website. Working with you was a pleasure and I’m really impressed with the outstanding workmanship on our project. Great job!”

Happy client= Happy web designer!
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Blushing: The Chicago web designer

It is my objective to provide exceptional service for my clients and getting a recommendation like the one below on Linked In makes my face break out into a wide grin … and maybe even blush a little!

“Zoe has that rare combination of broad vision and tactical expertise, especially when it comes to careful listening. She is able to form the concept into a distinctive message, and then follows through with outstanding execution. Really knows her business. Zoe is as much an astute advisor as service provider.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Peter Meder

I worked with Peter earlier this year on a web and branding project for his Chicago based headhunting company.

Thanks Peter, for taking the time to write such a flattering recommendation.
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Website Design Testimonial

I always appreciate testimonials  from clients and this one from Burns Recovered Support Group for pro bono web design work almost has me blushing. Today I am blowing my own trumpet and without further ado …….

Dear Zoe,

The two words “thank you” seem inadequate at this time.

It amazes me… I wrote to you in May and explained that Burns Recovered Support Group is a small nonprofit and asked for your help – pro bono – in totally redesigning our web site

You kindly and graciously contacted me and said that you would be happy to do this for us as part of your commitment and concern to the “community at large”.

Much to my astonishment, here we are 2 ½ months later and our beautiful web site is now on-line.  You designed a user friendly site for our visitors to use.  You designed a visually attractive site for everyone to see.  You have taught this “barely computer literate” woman how to manage the site on her own!  I have already had people contact the office to say how great they think the site looks.

So, instead of two words…      THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…. and, many more “thank you’s”  You have given us a gift worth more than you can ever know.


Yours truly,

Linda Hansen

Executive Director

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Great words from a client.

I thought I’d share a great testimonial I received recently:

“We selected Zoe and her company Indigo Image after meeting with several website design companies. Our choice was fully validated by the Big River Associates logo and website that she created, and by our experience working with her through this process. Zoe is the consummate professional, clearly laying out the project stages and the timeline from the beginning, while at the same time patiently accommodating changes along the way. In particular Zoe interpreted our intentions, and designed a very clean, quick website that is easy to navigate, while at the same time incorporating a slide show of nature pictures to highlight in a more interesting and pleasing way some key service offers. We look forward to continuing to work with Zoe from time to time, to ensure that our site is current and relevant, and we are very pleased to recommend her work.”

Eric Sigurdson

Web Design Testimonial

I received a another great testimonial from one of my web design clients recently:

“Zoe was wonderful to work with. We had interviewed a handful of different web designers before we found Zoe. Her portfolio was strong and she seemed to understand our need to reach customers and offer a site that combined simple navigation, a lot of copy, and impactful photos. We were pleased to find that she could also help us with the site’s search engine optimization. Zoe guided us through the website building process with good direction, a lot of patience, and quick responses to questions.”

Thanks Erica for taking the time to write this!

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Selecting a web designer.

Selecting a web designer to work on your project can be a daunting task. Where to start?

A Google search? The phrase “St Louis web designer” yields a whopping 2,270,000 returns. Clicking through and visiting the sites on just the first pages can be overwhelming (as a result of excellent SEO we do feature on that page!) Once on the sites you can check out the portfolio, evaluate the skill set of the company but often the most telling way to get a feel if they are a company you’d feel comfortable working with is to see if there are any client testimonials.

Here is glowing testimonial from St Louis celebrant, Ruth Hasser, which really speaks volumes about how we can help clients with their projects.

“Zoe Feast worked with me every step of the way to design and optimize my first website. She listened to me, understood what I was going for, was wonderfully patient with my inexperience, and delivered what I needed in a professional and timely manner. As a result I get regular compliments on my website and, more importantly, customers are finding me! I will continue to rely on her expertise and thoughtful support. Thanks so much, Zoe.”

Thanks Ruth for taking the time to write this!

Interested in more client testimonials ?

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A great web site design testimonial

Today’s post speaks for itself.

“I worked with Zoe when I started the entire branding initiative for our business. We needed to have our webpage up very quickly. Zoe obtained a very good understanding, very quickly, of what made our business different and how we wanted our site to look. She worked with me closely for three weeks so that we could have our site up as soon as possible. I couldn’t have been more impressed with our end result. She did a great job and is a true professional. I have (and would) recommend her to anyone seeking a webpage designer.”

Megan O’Leary
Software Assistants

A web site makeover: Tiger Tables

Last week saw the launch of a new web site for

Tiger Tables is in the business of selling actuarial software and offers a demo version for evaluation. Delivering an easy “don’t make me think” approach was our focus during the design phase, and we utilized bold navigation on the home page to attract users to try the demo or buy the product.

The overall site design was targeted for a more upscale, professional look compared to the original site.

Business owner Larry Katzenstein had this to say:

Thanks again for all your help. I love the way my new site looks.”