Chicago Web Designer: The Power of 10

To celebrate the 10th month in the year 2010 ( gosh can you believe it’s October already) the Chicago web designer presents the “Power of 10”

  1. 2010 marks our 10th year in business. It is a milestone we are extremely proud of, showing that we can not only survive but thrive in this highly competitive market.
  2. When I was 10 I started my first business. I opened a museum in my parents garden shed! The museum was stocked with fossils and interesting artifacts I had found in the Welsh countryside where I grew up. I  hung a sign up in the front garden and charged local kids 2p entry fee. I soon had a amassed and considerable sum and if I remember rightly I blew the lot at a local sweet shop (candy store in American speak). It’s interesting that many of the entrepreneurs I know have similar stories.
  3. The 10th month of the year marks two life changing anniversaries. It was the month I got married and the month I moved to the USA.
  4. I have moved a total of 10 times in my life, most recently relocating from St Louis to Chicago, hence the change from St Louis web designer to Chicago web designer. I have lived in three different countries, each country has it’s own merits but I love the fact that the USA offers so many opportunities.
  5. There are 10 applications on my computer I use every work day without fail. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Outlook, Firefox,  Microsoft Word, Quickbooks, Adobe Acrobat and my FTP client.
  6. I test our web sites on 10 different browsers to ensure cross browser compatibility. They include the super popular and obscure : Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome,  Konqueror, Opera, Netscape, AOL and Camino.
  7. I aim to write 10 blog posts a month. It takes time and effort and I don’t always reach my goal but regular blog posting is an excellent way to keep a web site fresh in the eyes of the search engines.  I always stress this to my customers and practice what I preach. I have recently doubled my work load with the launch of  an additional  blog “Eye of the Chicago Web Designer”
  8. I am all about using tools on the internet to save time. Take Hootsuite for instance, an application that talks to most major social networks. In 10 seconds I can update my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
  9. By 10 o’clock in the morning I have already been hard at work for three hours. I am most definitely a morning person!
  10. Last but not least, if you are interested in a free quote on any graphic or web design project please call our 10 digit phone number: 847 607 8679 . We may be a Chicago based web design company but we are happy to work with you whatever your location.

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