Color and Productivity

I recently experienced first hand how the color of your surroundings can affect your productivity.
My office is painted a soft pale green, “Adratic Mist” according to the paint pot, and creates a great relaxing enviroment where I can focus to my fullest.

In a moment of craziness a few months back I decided that a change was in order and I wanted to funk things up a bit with a jazzier more energetic color. As a graphic designer I love color, I selected a yellowish green ” Cabbage green” and got to work.

It took me just a day after I had finished to acknowlege what a huge mistake I had made. I was unable to concentrate at all and very distracted by the color bouncing around the room. I lived with it for about a week thinking I would get used to it … but no. The office got re painted the very next weekend.

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