Dynamic design for i Google.

A couple of months back I wrote a couple of posts on i Google, Google’s approach to personailzing their interface
Are you using i Google?
New Themes for i google

Google have taken the theme approach one step further and now it is possible to create your own theme to share with the world.

A blogger client recently asked me to create an i google theme to compliment his web site. I put together a dynamic theme which features “Mr Bison” at his computer oblivious to the happening around him. The theme changes 5 times during the day.

I have had some great feedback from users who have installed this theme

“THIS is the kind of creativity we should see in these themes! Thanks for putting some thought into & taking the time to *create* something original! Nice use of colors, too. Outstanding!”

“Great colors . . . easy on the eyes. A super creative theme. Thanks, Zoe Feast, for making my Google a happier place!”

To customize your i google page Click here for the “Mr Bison’s Day” theme.

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