Feedback from i google theme designs

I took a look recently at how popular the themes I have created for i Google are and got a pleasant suprise.

Perfect Petals has had rave reviews and proves to be the most popular:

Perfectly Brilliant Elizabeth Deal – Jul 18, 2008 – Thank you for such a beautious theme. I love the brilliant color on a black background. I truely love it!

Breathtaking Anonymous – Sep 10, 2008 – I love coming in everyday and opening my google site to this beautifully displayed flowers–it starts the day off right.

Color Punch also has some fabulous comments:

Brava Brava – Aug 2, 2008 – Thank you, Zoe Feast, for creating this truly unique, beautifully colored and visually pleasing accent for an iGoogle homepage. It’s not just the colors that I like, it’s the design that accents them. Well done!

Outstanding! – Anonymous – Jul 5, 2008 – Very impressive..and easily worth a 5 star rating. Hope to see more of your stuff! Well done.

Thanks you to everyone who has taken the time to rate and comment on the themes.

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