Free Photoshop Book from Sitepoint.

I came across this free ebook a few days ago while visiting They publish a really great selection of books relating to the design and development of web sites. One of my favorites is “Designing without Tables using CSS

The freebie on offer, while it doesn’t teach me anything new, it is a great reference to those new to photoshop, so I thought I would share. Here is what they say about it:-

“The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques is the ultimate Photoshop compendium for web designers.
It’s brimming with tried and tested real-world Photoshop solutions that will add impact to your next web design project. If you’ve ever been stuck for inspiration, have puzzled over just how to create a shiny aqua-style button, or wanted to create that seamlessly tiling background image you saw on a site recently, you need download this book.

The book is available for download for a limited time so if you want it act fast.

Download Now!

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