How are the search engines ranking your website?

Have a web site?… great!
How are the search engines ranking it for a relevant keyword querry? page 1 …page 9… page 103?

As a web site designer there are many important aspects I have to take into account when creating and building a website … does the image created fit with the company brand, is the navigation intuitive, is the information presented in a logical way, load time, browser issues …I could go on and on.

One of the more important aspects in the forefront of my mind during the coding of a site is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ..or configuring the code so it is optimized with pre determined keywords and phrases relevant to the content of the site.

Getting that all illusive top spot is tricky two search engines “decode” sites in the same way … to use a technical term they all have different algorithms. Optimization techniques that give a page 1 listing in Google will not necessarily yeild a page 1 listing on MSN.

However without search engine optimization you are likey to find you site listed on page 103 ..with optimization your odds certainly improve.

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