How can I update my web site?

If you are a web site owner you know how important it is to keep you web site fresh and up to date… not only for your site visitors but also for the search engines. The more often a site is updated the more often a search engine spider will visit which will in turn effect the page ranking of your site.

We offer web site maintenance on a hourly basis, via web site maintenance contracts, or can configure customer sites so they can be easily self maintained by an online editor.

The online editor option is a great approach if a web site need to be frequently updated.

The system we use has the following benefits

  • No knowlege of HTML required
  • Secure login
  • Easy, Fast Editing If you know how to type a letter in Microsoft Word, you already know how to edit your website.

    -edit text

    -upload images

    -add links

    -add pages

  • Save Time and Money. No more waiting for someone else to make edits for you
  • Convenient. Edit your website directly in your browser, on any computer, anywhere

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