Indigo Image – The anatomy of a company name

Selecting the name for a company can be tricky business.

When we came up with Indigo Image ( 12 years ago now) we wanted a name that would convey creativity, give an indication of the nature of the business, stand the test of time and was available as a domain name. No small task.

The company name was the subject of my very first blog post 7 years ago

The Color Indigo

Blue, purple ?..Indigo is one of those colors often open to interpretation. It was named and defined by Issac Newton when he divided up the optical spectrum:- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo, Violet.
As a graphic/web designer it is my job to interpret the objectives of my clients and create an “image” which delivers results ..hence Indigo Image

Domain name availability was quite a challenge, even 12 years ago but we acquired a wide range of domain name extensions including,,, and

The philosophy behind the name still hold true despite the huge changes in the internet we have seen over the last 12 years. The name Indigo Image  has stood the test of time.

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