Is a career in web and graphic design for you?

I spent all day Monday speaking with 8th graders from the Rockwood School district about a career in graphic and web design. My bit for the community! It was fun but quite exhausting . At the end of the day I was pretty hoarse from giving my presentation six times.

I covered the main responsibilities of my job, jobs likes and dislikes, education requirements, required skill set and steps the student could take now to prepare for this type of career.

However before we started I gave the kids a little test … much to their disgust before they realised what it entailed!

Am I color blind?

The discs above show the numbers 56, 45, 25, 6, 29 and 8 to those with perfect color vision.

Being able to see in perfect color is an essential requirement for a career in web or graphic design though it would be a fitting start to my talk. Two of the students I spoke to were indeed “color challenged”

3 thoughts on “Is a career in web and graphic design for you?

  1. About six months ago, the powers that be at work, decided that all of us in facilities should be tested for color blindness (of course, that should have been a standard before employment, as far as I'm concerned)

    Anyway, one of the guys who happened to be there when I was, couldn't see any numbers. The doctor told him he was completely color blind & while it explained a lot to me, he emphatically disagreed with the diagnosis.

    Come to find out, quite a few of my fellow employees are color challenged.

    Haven't heard of any restructuring of job assignments though.

  2. Well, you made an impression on at least one of those kids. My daughter, who is considering architecture primarily or some sort of engineering, has added graphic design to her list. She (like me) is as artsy as she is math-smart (if not more) and looking for something to satisfy both halves of her brain and also provide a decent paycheck to go with.

  3. Thanks for the comments Joseph and Camera.

    Glad to hear that at least one student came away from my presentation thinking it would be a good career to get into!

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