Life of a web designer

I have been running my own business for 10 years now and can truly say I have found my career passion. Along the way I have experienced some fab and not so fab things, met some great people, listened to some bizarre business ideas and  been exposed to a huge variety of businesses.

Here are a few things I have encountered

Exposed to

Industrial sized washing machines, a huge freezer warehouse, news helicopters, machines that make corrugated cardboard, building stripped down to the studs ready for rehab, luxury multi million dollar homes,  engineering plants and an online TV station to name a few.

Met with

Doctors, lawyers, authors, wedding planners, photographers, entrepreneurs, realtors, software developers, IT professionals, constructors, publishers, fitness trainers, small business start ups and many more.

Most bizarre business idea

A guy who truly believed he could make a million bucks from selling an everyday office supply bent into a peculiar shape.

Most inappropriate prospect

It is never ok to undo you pants and proceed to “break wind” during a meeting!

The life of a web designer is never dull!

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