Managing your AdWord Campaigns

Purchasing Pay Per Click advertising (AdWords)with companies like Google or Overture, can be a great way to ensure your site is displayed for a particular keyword or phrase and can be an important component of an Internet marketing plan.

Adwords are the advertisment you see along the top-left and right side of search engines like and They are powered by a Pay per Click account which allows you to set up the ad, select the key words or phrases associated with it and bid on a price for each keyword or phrase. Every time someone clicks on your advertisement you are billed.

The bids for keywords can vary enormously depending upon the popularity of a keyword and you must outbid your competitors to remain “on top”. Paying $1.25 per click will list you higher than another bidding $1.00

Selecting your key words and phrases wisely will give you the best ROI. For example: you have an e-commerce store that sell all kinds of red shoes. Purchasing the key phrase “shoes” is going to cost more than say “Red Shoes” because the competion for a generic keyword like “shoes” will always be more costly than something more specific like “Red Shoes”. “Red Shoes” also has the advantage that more geared to your target audience.

Managing an Adword campaign over time is also very important as the internet is a dynamic animal … maybe the market place has been swamped with “Red shoe” retailers and they are outbidding your keywords!

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