Secret Messages for Kids

Become a Secret Message Master

Secret messages, hidden notes and words... are you up to the thrill of learning how to reveal the camouflaged secrets on this site? From invisible ink recipes, fancy folding techniques to special decoders, you will have fun and be well on the way to becoming a Secret Message Master!

Groovy Grids

groovy grid secret message 1

Use a special grid decoder to reveal these messages.

Cosmic Colors

cosmic colors secret message

View with a piece of transparent red plastic to see these hidden gems.

Fancy Folding

fancy Folding secret message 3

If you can fold a fan you can crack these hidden messages.

Mask Letters

mask letters secret message 3

Work out how to use the custom decoder to solve these messages.

Crack all the codes and then take the

Secret Message Master Challenge

Secret Messages for Kids
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