Brand Consistency

Do your web site and brochure have a consistent look/feel and convey the same corporate message, are they offering the same customer experience? Do your business cards still have your old logo even though you had a new one designed 6 months ago?

Having a consistent use of brand elements is imperative to the success of a company.

Here is a quick checklist of common areas where your company branding elements can be applied:-

Business card
Fax Forms
Web Site
E- newsletter

Here is a recent branded magazine advertisement we produced for Sarah Grus Weddings which carried through the design of the company web site into a print medium.

New Branding for St Louis Real Estate company

One of our latest projects has been creating a complete branding for a St Louis real estate company “Realty Quest”
Operating in both the residential and commercial markets and targeting both buyers, sellers and renters the brand we created had to appeal to a wide target audience.

We started by designing a logo, developed a tag line and went on to create business cards, stationery and a Thank You card.