Words from a Happy Client

I want my clients to be thrilled to bits with the work I create and when I get a recommendation like the one below ( also on LinkedIn) I know I have succeeded.
Logo Design for Chicago Business Quadra

“Quadra Applications & Technology, Inc. hired Zoe & her firm Indigo Image to design and develop our new company logo. Zoe’s strong business, technical, and multi-industry experience, coupled with her creativity and customer focus, was truly remarkable! From the onset of the project, Zoe outlined the process steps, project timelines, and cost estimates which in all cases were spot and exceeded all of our expectations. Additionally, Zoe went above and beyond her role as lead logo designer and provided critical Web development and integration advice to optimize the quality and user experience of our new site (www.quadra-ati.com). We look forward to engaging and collaborating with Zoe and her team at Indigo on future projects and customer initiatives. It is not easy to find resources that can combine technical expertise, in-depth business knowledge, creative ‘out of the box’ thinking, with a strong passion around quality and customer satisfaction!”

John White

Quadra Applications & Technology

Websites that create leads

OK, tooting my own horn today a little but you know you’ve done a good job when a couple years after a project you get this sort of message from a client.

“My website is still my number one generator of new business.  Seriously, almost all of my new business is from my website.  Just finished answering another inquiry through the website (probably won’t be a client but that’s okay because the inquiries seem to generate other leads anyway.)  I’m probably your most satisfied customer.

Jan Roberg

Roberg Tax Solutions

We created a custom WordPress site for them which they maintain themselves.  You can visit  at http://www.robergtaxsolutions.com.

Thanks for this great quote Jan,  I am so happy your website is working for you.

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Fraudulent use of website testimonials

Would you believe it if I told you in just a few hours today I have found 22 web design companies using my client testimonials as their own, yes TWENTY TWO.

This investigation was kicked off by a call from a client over the weekend, who had found the wonderful testimonial she had given me, on an unfamiliar site.  I found that they had not only used hers,  but testimonials from two more of my clients, including one I did for some pro-bono design. The only change they had made to the testimonials was to replace my company name with theirs.

This is not the first time I have had content stolen from my web site but it is the first time for testimonial swipes. Luckily I have a tried and tested method for dealing with this highly unethical behavior.

  1. Take a screen shot of the offending page. Always good to have visual proof of the “offense”
  2. Contact the offending web site and request immediate removal of material. I prefer to do this via email than over the phone so I have a paper trail of communication. If the only contact is through an online form I make sure I take a copy of what I send.
  3. Visit whois.net and run a search on the domain name to see where the site is hosted – you can establish this by copying the nameservers and running them through Google.
  4. Contact the hosting company and alert them to the fact they are hosting a website with fraudulent or copyrighted content. Hosting companies take this very seriously and will quickly shut a site down if the webmaster does not rectify the situation.
  5. Contact Google and get any ranked pages excluded from their search

The initial offending company responded quickly to my email this morning and called me to say that it had been a mistake and they were just in the process of building their web site and were using my client testimonials as filled text. Ummm,  if that is the case why bother removing my company name and replacing it with your own? They did take down the fraudulent page but the testimonial swipe was by no means a “mistake”. They must think I was born yesterday.

So that is 1 down and 21 to go. It is going to be a busy week but I will not stop until I have addressed everyone of these pathetic web site companies. Even found a couple of companies here on my own turf in Chicago

I am considering creating a wall of shame and naming names to bring to light all of these unscrupulous web design companies, got quite a stash of screen shots to share.

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Great words from a client.

I thought I’d share a great testimonial I received recently:

“We selected Zoe and her company Indigo Image after meeting with several website design companies. Our choice was fully validated by the Big River Associates logo and website that she created, and by our experience working with her through this process. Zoe is the consummate professional, clearly laying out the project stages and the timeline from the beginning, while at the same time patiently accommodating changes along the way. In particular Zoe interpreted our intentions, and designed a very clean, quick website that is easy to navigate, while at the same time incorporating a slide show of nature pictures to highlight in a more interesting and pleasing way some key service offers. We look forward to continuing to work with Zoe from time to time, to ensure that our site is current and relevant, and we are very pleased to recommend her work.”

Eric Sigurdson


Web Design Testimonial

I received a another great testimonial from one of my web design clients recently:

“Zoe was wonderful to work with. We had interviewed a handful of different web designers before we found Zoe. Her portfolio was strong and she seemed to understand our need to reach customers and offer a site that combined simple navigation, a lot of copy, and impactful photos. We were pleased to find that she could also help us with the site’s search engine optimization. Zoe guided us through the website building process with good direction, a lot of patience, and quick responses to questions.”

Thanks Erica for taking the time to write this!

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Selecting a web designer.

Selecting a web designer to work on your project can be a daunting task. Where to start?

A Google search? The phrase “St Louis web designer” yields a whopping 2,270,000 returns. Clicking through and visiting the sites on just the first pages can be overwhelming (as a result of excellent SEO we do feature on that page!) Once on the sites you can check out the portfolio, evaluate the skill set of the company but often the most telling way to get a feel if they are a company you’d feel comfortable working with is to see if there are any client testimonials.

Here is glowing testimonial from St Louis celebrant, Ruth Hasser, www.ruthellenhasser.com which really speaks volumes about how we can help clients with their projects.

“Zoe Feast worked with me every step of the way to design and optimize my first website. She listened to me, understood what I was going for, was wonderfully patient with my inexperience, and delivered what I needed in a professional and timely manner. As a result I get regular compliments on my website and, more importantly, customers are finding me! I will continue to rely on her expertise and thoughtful support. Thanks so much, Zoe.”

Thanks Ruth for taking the time to write this!

Interested in more client testimonials ?

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A great web site design testimonial

Today’s post speaks for itself.

“I worked with Zoe when I started the entire branding initiative for our business. We needed to have our webpage up very quickly. Zoe obtained a very good understanding, very quickly, of what made our business different and how we wanted our site to look. She worked with me closely for three weeks so that we could have our site up as soon as possible. I couldn’t have been more impressed with our end result. She did a great job and is a true professional. I have (and would) recommend her to anyone seeking a webpage designer.”

Megan O’Leary
Software Assistants