The time commitment of blogging: St Louis web designers tip of the day

Blogging can be a great tool to add to your marketing mix. It can improve the visibility of your online presence and allow easy interaction with your clients and site visitors.

For small business owners serious about getting their sites to perform well in the search engines (internet marketing, SEO) I generally suggest adding a blog if … and this is a “big if”, they can devote the time to write it. A new blog will require at least two to three post a week for the first few months to get it rolling and at least one per week after that.

There is no way you can cheat either. I subscribed a year or so back to a blog which, until the weekend, appeared to be dead. However over the last few days posts have been rolling into my reader from this blog, all post dated. To readers new to the blog it looks like the blog has been updated on a regular basis …but the search engines will know better.

Coming up with regular fresh content can be a challenge, but you most definitely “reap what you sow”

The St Louis web designer Tip of the day

2 thoughts on “The time commitment of blogging: St Louis web designers tip of the day

  1. Thanks for the advice on blogging. I just blogged about being the shoe cobbler’s child, since I write for other people, when I get really busy, usually I’m the last “client” I want to work for. Don’t you find that to be the case too? Thanks for your insights.

    1. Hi Patti,
      Totally agree with the shoe cobblers child syndrome. I also find it really hard to design for myself as it is impossible to critique your own work. Luckily my husband is not shy about saying what he thinks!

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