Using Twitter to solve problems

Twitter is a great platform for getting problems solved. A quick tweet about an issue and more likely than not you will get an answer, saving you time and aggravation.

Here are a couple of examples of how my Twitter friends have helped me out.

  1. GoDaddy coupon fail
    I was having real trouble applying a coupon to items in my GoDaddy cart. Any coupon I tried was immediately rejected.
  2. twitter conversation problem solved

  3. Firefox 4.0
    I upgraded my browser to Firefox 4.0 but the default position of the Home button was causing me aggravation!

Look at the time frame of response from both of these, within minutes I had answers to the issues I was facing.  For both of these tweets I used hash tags at the end of the tweet. This can help get your problems noticed faster as many hash tags are monitored. In the case of@goodguydan he was not a follower of my tweets but was monitoring the hash tag #Firefox.

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One thought on “Using Twitter to solve problems

  1. I’m @goodguydan and I truly appreciate having been mentioned in your blog.

    In the case of Firefox Help there is no need to write Firefox as a hashtag. The Army of Awesome is a web application developed by Mozilla to filter tweets containing the word Firefox. Here comes in the awesomeness of the Firefox community where users who are not super technically advanced can still help in other areas, like testing and support. I find Twitter to be an amazing source of information and use it a lot to provide tech support especially with Firefox.

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