Vertical scroll no no.

I have ranted before about the horizontal scroll no no… bad webdesign and coding requiring your user to scroll horizontally. Well I have a similar opnion about vertical scroll.

A certain amount of vertical scroll in a web site is acceptable and vertical scrolling is an intuative action for web users. However there is a limit.

There are some web sites out there where so much information has been stuffed onto a pages that it seems you have to scroll to the center of the earth to reach the end.

A lot of times this boils down to poor content organisation. For example a web site has a navigation button called ” Services” which leads to a single page. This is fine as long as the company offers a few services or summarizes their services in a concise way. But when they have multiple services and have everything on one pages we are entering the realm of vertical scroll no no!

A far better approach is to split the services and offer the site vistor a more user friendly way to access the information.

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