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I always appreciate testimonials  from clients and this one from Burns Recovered Support Group for pro bono web design work almost has me blushing. Today I am blowing my own trumpet and without further ado …….

Dear Zoe,

The two words “thank you” seem inadequate at this time.

It amazes me… I wrote to you in May and explained that Burns Recovered Support Group is a small nonprofit and asked for your help – pro bono – in totally redesigning our web site

You kindly and graciously contacted me and said that you would be happy to do this for us as part of your commitment and concern to the “community at large”.

Much to my astonishment, here we are 2 ½ months later and our beautiful web site is now on-line.  You designed a user friendly site for our visitors to use.  You designed a visually attractive site for everyone to see.  You have taught this “barely computer literate” woman how to manage the site on her own!  I have already had people contact the office to say how great they think the site looks.

So, instead of two words…      THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…. and, many more “thank you’s”  You have given us a gift worth more than you can ever know.


Yours truly,

Linda Hansen

Executive Director

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