Website in progress for St Louis Ophthalmology Practice

Starting a new website project is always an exciting time, creating a blank Photoshop file and making pixels do their stuff. Thinking about how to engage the site visitor, designing a navigational tool that is intuitive, employing the KISS principal ( keep it simple stupid), selecting a color palette, choosing imagery and putting it all together in a way that is appealing and functional.  And that’s just the design phase. I love my job…does it show?

We are currently in the design phase for a new project for a St Louis Ophthalmology Practice. All the design work gets posted online for the client to review and critique, a  fundamental element in our design process. With their feedback the design will evolve into the winning concept that meets all the requirement we established in the definition stage of the project. It is a tried and tested methodology that works.

clinical web site

We are still making a few final tweaks to the design. Next we will move onto the development stage of the project. Here the static design will be rendered into a form which can be understood by web browsers. We go from the creativity of Photoshop to the technicalities of coding.

The project is scheduled for launch late summer.

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