What ever happened to Second Life?

I was revisiting some old blog posts this morning, interested to see what I was up to on March 7th in previous years and came across this post written on March 7th 2007.
Second Life investigation continues

In early 2007, Second Life was the “latest thing” and everyone was clamoring to be part of this virtual land. It was in every newspaper and magazine and  big retail stores like Circuit City and Sears  had set up Second Life store fronts.  Clearly something  “this big” warranted an investigation so I created an avatar, Indigo Oh, and dropped in to see the action.  I did a lot of wandering around and it appeared that some big bucks were being dropped in this pixel dimension.

But now it has disappeared from media view and I have considered revisiting to see just what is happening there but after reading this article it seems Second life is driven by adult orientated pastimes, so I think I will pass!

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