Surface Pattern Design

Surface pattern design is artwork that is specifically created for surface decoration, whether that be for textile printing, wallpaper, wrapping paper or enhancing a product such as phone case, mugs, notebooks etc.

From seamless repeating patterns to standalone illustrations, a custom surface design can make or break your product.

Our design collections are all repeat patterns produced using a variety of techniques from digital to hand painted watercolor.

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Springtime Collection

Spring floral elements in soft blues and pinks > Shop Springtime Collection

Contemporary Circle Collection

Bold graphical designs in a fresh contemporary color palette,all featuring circles Shop Contemporary Circle Collection (opens in a new tab)”>> Shop Contemporary Circle Collection

Singing the BLUES Collection

Surface pattern designs in a variety of styles but all created using a blue color palette > Shop Singing the BLUES Collection

Prairie Beauty Collection

Hand painted watercolor patterns inspired by the flowers and foliage found on a prairie Shop Prairie Beauty Collection (opens in a new tab)”>> Shop Prairie Beauty Collection