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A Guide to Spotting Counterfeit Currency

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Welcome to Counterfeit Detection!

When was the last time you looked at the money in your wallet .... really looked ?. ? Can you be sure that your cash is genuine? Is there a chance that it's counterfeit? How can you tell?

This site will help you determine if those colourful pieces of paper are worth the paper they are printed on , whether we are talking Dollars, Pounds, Euros......etc. All banknotes are produced in a similar way and result in a similar set of characteristics. They also have security measures built into them which make them difficult to reproduce. However it is not possible to produce a counterfeit proof anything and there will always be individuals producing fakes.

One of the most useful tools in counterfeit detection is recognizing a genuine note. This site will teach you all about the types of print on banknotes, the security features built into them, modern counterfeit threats and finally what sort of inspections to make in your detection process.

banknote printing

Banknote Printing

Learn all about the different types of printing that are used to create a banknote

money security features

Security Features

Ever wondered what all those swirly patterns and line designs are, not to mention what those areas that change color on a banknote were. This section will teach you all about security features built into banknotes.

money counterfeit threats

Counterfeit Threats

As technology progresses so do the counterfeit threats. Learn all about modern day threats here.

how to spot fake money

Spotting a Counterfeit

A comprehensive table of inspections you can make to assess whether a document is genuine or counterfeit.

This site aims to provide information to assist users in counterfeit detection. However it is only a guide and if in doubt always consult an expert. The information herein should not be used to engage in any counterfeit enterprise. Counterfeiting is a serious crime with potentially severe penalties.

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