New WordPress websites in progress

I have been working recently on a number of custom WordPress sites.

Ruth custom wordpress siteThe first is a double project for Ruth Hasser, a St Louis celebrant. Ruth wanted to move her current site over to WordPress so she could take advantage of the content management (CMS)  it offers. She also needed a new site for the funeral and memorial side of her business.

We have kept the design the same for the wedding side of her business ( she loved it so why change it) but designed a slightly different look for the funeral site, with a more muted color scheme and different imagery.

Both sites are in the final phase of production and will be launched shortly.

Humble catholic custom wordpress websiteThe second custom WordPress site is for a Chicago group, The Humble Catholic.

This site will serve as a community allowing users to upload prayer requests, affirmations and suggest stories, all driven by the excellent blogging capabilities of the WordPress platform

The site is just going through some final testing and client review.

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A distraction for the Chicago Web Designer

Sitting beside me as I work on this grey dreary Chicago day, is a vase of beautiful tulips. Nature does a wonderful job of creating color palettes and  my eyes keep drifting from the website I am designing to these beautiful blooms. I had to photograph them to capture the fabulous colors.

open purple tulip color inspiration
Anything interesting on your desk today?

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