Adobe Illustrator Layers Palette has disappeared

I have been working on a new logo today for Warson Capital Partners, my tool of choice for logo design is Adobe Illustrator.

Every once in a while I encounter an annoying problem with Illustrator – the layers palette just disappears and nothing I do within the program itself will bring it back.

Here are the steps I take to fix the problem

  1. Close Adobe Illustrator
  2. Locate Aiprefs – this is the file where all the runtime preferences are stored. This is a hidden file so run a search on your system disc.
  3. Delete Aiprefs. This is completely safe as Illustrator will generate a new file when it is next started.
  4. Re-open Adobe Illustrator. The menu palette will now be accessible once again.

Eye of the St Louis Web Designer

I love the fact my job as a web and graphic designer allows me to indulge my creativity but sometimes it is fun to apply those creative skills to something completely different.

I brought my painting talents to this backdrop for Wildwood Dance and Arts.

It was completed this afternoon and will feature in a dance production of Peter Pan this Saturday, May 16th at Chesterfield YMCA. There are two shows at 2.30pm and 7pm. Tickets are available on the door.

Are you all blogged out? Chicago Web Designer’s tip of the day

If you are blogging for business, pleasure or both there will be days /weeks, when you come up empty in creating that next killer blog post. Welcome to Bloggers Block .
blogging block

Here are some of the tips I use to keep those creative juices flowing.

  1. Keep a running list of blog post ideas and add to it frequently – skim over your list and pick something that appeals to you.
  2. Think about recent interactions with clients. What types of questions have they asked. Can they be worked into a blog post?
  3. Got a new client, launched a new project or service? Blow your own trumpet and blog about it.
  4. Flick though a magazine or newsletter relevant to your business, industry or organization. An image or article may be all the inspiration needed.
  5. Member of any social networking sites, Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn? Check what’s happening with your friends/followers.
  6. Get away from your computer. Sitting in front of a blank “New Post” screen desperately thinking of something to share is not conducive to ideas. Go for a walk, have a cup of coffee, crank up your favorite music on your ipod.
  7. Find inspiration from the natural world…everything from systems, processes, life cycles, shapes color, texture
  8. Lastly don’t sweat! While posting to a blog regularly is important missing the odd day or even week is not the end of the world.

Website for St Louis wedding Officiant Ruth Hasser

The internet is an invaluable tool when planning a wedding and if you are in the wedding business, having a website which engages the “bride to be” is vital.

Ruth Hasser, a St Louis wedding officiant and celebrant, understood this and we began working with her in the design of her website in early March.

A picture speaks a thousand words and we incorporated a photograph or Ruth in action and built the site around a natural color palette of greens, browns and cream and topped it with an intuitive navigational tool.

Internet marketing was also a priority for the site and it has been optimized for the search engines and also includes a custom designed blog.

The site went live yesterday