Illustrating a Book

Web design is generally my bread and butter but occasionally I get a completely different project on my plate.

I am currently deep in the middle of an illustration project for a freelance writer who is just getting ready to publish his first book. The book is a compilation of 100 humorous observations and stories and I will admit has had me crying with laughter. It is hard to draw when you have tears running down your face.

Each of the stories require an illustration and have turned to my old faithful ink pen to illustrate the old fashioned way. It is quite a liberating experience to spend a day filling pages in a sketch book rather than staring at a computer monitor. I have about 75 illustrations completed already, a mere 25 to go.

And as a little teaser here is a  sampling.


Line drawing of a pig

line drawing of mand with steam coming out of his ears

Line drawing if little red riding hood

The book is due for release around Thanksgiving.


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