Refreshing Request

Now here’s something refreshing.

A few years back I discovered that a certain company that, shall remain nameless, “stole” a huge chunk of a web site content we created including custom illustrations and posted it on their own site as their own work.

Annoyed is the only polite phrase I can use here, but to suffice to say the problem was swiftly dealt with!

Ever since I have been on the lookout for similar happenings and it comes as refreshing suprise when we are actually contacted about the use of a piece of work. Today for instance I have had a request from someone wanting to use a piece or art posted on one of our sites… we have contacted the artist to ask permission … so we will wait and see!

St Louis web designer: Indigo Image update

As indicated last week our own site was undergoing some design modifications to improve usability.

These modifications are now complete and were made live this morning!

The changes were primarily driven by our expanding portfolio and the need for better presentation in this area, but we took the opportunity to update navigation and add a section on our methodology.

Visit us at

Web Site Usability

I am a real advocate of web usability and not giving the surfer a mental workout as they experience a site.

Our own site is currently going through a slight overhaul to improve usability ..our portfolio of web and graphic design projects has grown to such an extent that we need a better interface to present them.

Look for the updates early next week!

Email Hijacking

We have recently been under attack by an email hijackers who are apparently trying to use our contact forms to test for “open doorways ” to route their own spam emails.

Their attacks result in us receiving numerous emails with all form fields filled out with email addresses from the domain in which it was sent and a little further checking revealed that the messages also come with a BCC address of

A little research has revealed this to be a wide spread problem with a list of about 10 BBC addresses in use .. intrestingly the hijackers all have AOL email addresses so this is clearly something AOL could sort out.

We are currently installing a fix into the scripts which powers our form to stop this abuse. There should be severe penalties for these people! Spam is one thing, but hijacking form mail scripts and spoofing other people’s domains and email is downright wrong.

St Louis Web designer and techo gadget!

I was recently asked by a local business newspaper ( St Louis Small Business Monthly) to give my thoughts on the best gift I’d been given that had help my business grow.

My mind immediately turned to a fantastic cordless mouse which has made me more productive and less fatigued in front of my machine.

I recently went back to working with a corded mouse while I set up a new machine.. it nearly drove me crazy and within a day my wrist and whole arm ached. The ergonomics of my work station directly relates to how creative I can be..if I am uncomfortable those creative juices dry up.

CSS web design

I recently came across a great illustration of how powerful Cascading style sheets are in in web site design.

The following site links to eight seeming differnt site designs..however the HTML code for each of the pages is exactly the same. The only difference is the style sheet linked to them.

Check it out and see Click here