Eye of a St Louis web designer

How’s this for a birds eye view of a cardinal’s nest built right outside my kitchen window. The mother has been sitting on the nest for about a week now and get food visits from the dad to be…he feeds her baby style.

Last year we had a robin’s nest in the same place and it was fun to watch the babies being fed. I will post more pictures as these new St Louis cardinal babies hatch.

iGoogle Theme: showcase

One of the best places to find quality themes for your iGoogle home page is at www.inthemes.com. Every week they feature one of the themes from their directory on their site; this week it is one I recently created called The Boffins

Here is what they have to say

Theme of the Week: The Boffins
Every week here at inThemes we like to showcase one of our favorite themes by applying it to our own homepage. This week it’s The Boffins by
Zoe Feast, but why does it always make me think of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew?

Like it? Get it!

Web Site Spring Cleaning

Maybe it is the sudden “greening up” here in St Louis or the fact I actually had a couple of free hours yesterday begging to be filled … there was a sudden urgency that my web site needed a “spring clean”.
I made a list of the things I wanted to rework and tackled just the first yesterday… updating our web design portfolio. This has tended to take a back seat with our recent volume of work and I have been relying on our blog to announce new projects. Our web design portflio has now been updated with a 7th gallery.

My next step is to tackle our graphic design portfolio which I plan on re-organizing …when I have time!

St Louis After Shocks

Some pretty decent after shocks felt in my office at 10.15 this morning following the earthquake in the early hours. The power of the earth is really quite amazing.
It was my first experience of an earthquake but I knew instantly what is going on.

Excitement over…back to work now! I am currently working on a new web site for Hotshots, a logo for an investment company, navigation re design for a local small business portal and branding elements for a St Louis construction project.

Another new theme for iGoogle

If you use iGoogle and your search page has a header that looks like this

did you know that Google now offers a directory of themes that allow you to customize the look of their interface?

They have just included a dynamic theme I created, which feature two boffins in a chemistry lab. The theme changes five times thoughout the day and follows the boffins as things go a little awry in their lab.

Click here to use this theme , if you don’t have one already you will need a free gmail account