Graphic Design Portfolio Updated

I recently had a call from a lady who had visited my site. She was looking to create a new web site but told me she had spent many hours trying to find a company to work with but had not liked any of the sites she had visited …until she visited and hence the call.

This one phone call alone speaks volumes about having a good online presence and standing out from the crowd.

I have been working on the organisation of the portfolio aspect of the site recently and today launched a reconfigured version of the graphic design portfolio. The portfolio is now spit into logos (five galleries) Business Cards & Lettersheads, Brochures and Newsletters and 2 galleries of corporate design.

The portfolio has been updated with some new projects and the new configuration should make it easier to visitors to home into their intrest area faster.

Your blog voice

In a post I wrote last week I talked about creating branded blogs and mentioned we were currently creating one for St Louis based Throttlenet.

The blog is now up and running, visit it here>> ThrottleBlog

Throttlenet have their blog set up so various team members can contribute, which is a great approach for a multi faceted corporation. It will give the blog a very rounded “voice“.

We have two “voices” on this blog me..St Louis Web Designer and St Louis Marketing Executive

We have very different styles but that is exactly how a blog should be. Each contributor has a unique voice and personality, and brings to the blog something that no one else can.

It takes time to develop a blog voice but the more you write the more your style and voice will evolve.

New web site for St Louis company: Throttlenet

I have been working with Throttlenet for nearly 7 years now and in that time have helped them create a brand image for the company though the design of letterheads, business cards, powerpoint templates, trade show displays, interface design and web site design.

Today sees the launch of a new company web site.

Check them out at

On a technical note for those of you requiring a bit of a “geek fix” the site was designed and coded as a fluid site. This means that whatever the size of your browser window the site will horizontally fill it. If the browser window is resized the site will adjust accordingly.

A Selection of our St Louis Blog Clients

Blogs have become a great way to interact with your site visitors, providing them with fresh news, stories and events. A blog can be easily added to an existing web site and requires no technical knowledge to use.

Very often the blog will be the first page visited on your web site and your first opportunity to present your visitor with your brand image. If you use one the standard templates offered with say Google Blogger, your blog might have all the functionality you wish but the opportunity to engage your visitor with your brand lost . As the saying goes you only have one chance to make a first impression.

We specialize in creating a blog which compliments your brand image.

Here are two example of our blog work in action:-

Citizens for Modern Transit Working to expand St Louis Metrolink ..topical issues

Cynthia Reeg News from children’s author Cynthia Reeg

Also in development are blogs for two other St Louis based companies, Throttlenet and Loomis Bros.