Copyright Questions Answered

As a web and graphic design company we often get asked questions about copyright issues. Here are some of our common questions.

If we are hiring you to design a logo who will retain the copyright of the design?
The copyright of any design we create, whether it be a logo or complete web site look/feel will always be owned by the client on final payment of the project.

Do I need to do anything to register the copyright of my design?
No registration is required to secure a copyright. It automatically arises upon the creation of the work in a fixed form. However it is possible to register the copyright of a design and doing so will improve your position if there are ever infringement issues.

Do you offer Copyright Registration services?
We do not offer copyright registration services and recommend you contact an attorney specializing in intellectual property law.

What is a Copyright Notice?
A proper copyright notice includes the symbol ©, the year of first publication and the name of the copyright owner. A copyright notice is not required but can also improve the outcome of any infringement issues.

New Web Design Clients

We have picked up two new clients this week, both for web site design projects.

The first is Frontenac Builders, a builder of luxury homes in and around Frontenac. Prior to starting the project they gave me a tour of some of thier properties and they are spectaluar. We are creating a web site which will engage the high end end market they serve.

Our second new client is “The Rockwood” a retirement community located in Webster Groves

New web site for St Louis Author

Just launched is a new web site for St Louis children’s book author, Cynthia Reeg.

It was important that the site appealed to both teachers/parents and children. We created a clean template with a bright and breezy color palette and peppered it with hand custom hand drawn illustrations that were a lot of fun to do!

Visit the site at

The site also has a custom blog which already has a couple of entries including a fabulous testimonial ..thank you Cindy!

New web site in production for St Louis Author of Children’s Books

We are currently working on a new web site for St Louis author, Cynthia Reeg.

Cynthia writes children’s book and provides school visits and wanted a web site which provides good exposure for her on the web, is easy to navigate and friendly towards the search engines.

We are working on a very clean template which is dotted with hand draw line art.

The site is scheduled to go live in about a month.