Redesigned Website for Paper Shower

We have  work with businesses all over the country on web and graphic design projects, but it is especially rewarding working with  businesses based in our local vicinity.  Our newest client, Paper Shower, is located right here in Lincolnshire IL .

Launched yesterday was a redesigned version of their web site

paper shower body wipes web site redesign

Paper Shower offers a range of unique body wipes which combine a large wet wipe with a dry towelette and are great for active people who are looking to freshen up on the go – bikers, runners, while camping, hiking and traveling  or even on the golf course.

Why Redesign?

website redesign lincolnshire ilThere are several reasons for the need to redesign a web site and the old Paper Shower site fulfilled quite a few.

Firstly the site was making the visitors work too hard to understand the product, it was only after clicking through from the home page that the concept of the product having both a wet and dry towelette became obvious.

Secondly, almost no consideration had been made as to who the product was being marketed towards – it was too generic.

Lastly the site was not at all optimized for the search engines, the home page itself was a collection of images and as a whole had very little keyword rich copy.  Ranking in the search engines was poor and  traffic was minimal despite  great PR coverage the product has had over the last few years.


Our Web Re-Design Approach

Understanding the issues facing the old site helped us create a strategy for the  re-design and re-launch of the new site.

Competitive Analysis

Any SEO project needs to kick off with a through understanding of  the online competition. We took an in depth  look at other body wipe websites and our analysis  resulted in the compilation a list of favorable key phrases.

Web Content
We wanted to address several things with the web content

  • Communicate the uniqueness of the product in a simple format that did not require the user any effort
  • Engage with the target market of outdoorsy / active people
  • Add more call to actions to purchase product
  • Enrich it with target key words and phrase for SEO benefits

We started with the creation of a set of web banners that incorporated the product and an outdoor scenario or an occasion where the product would be useful. Each banner also carried the phrase Wash > Dry > Done, which was elaborated on with keyword rich copy underneath which quickly and easily explained the product.

paper shower body wipes golf
paper shower body wipes camping
paper shower body wipes travel
paper shower body wipes hiker
paper shower body wipes gym

The home page was updated to include more details of the product range and examples of who may find the product useful. We used video and client testimonials throughout the site for easily digestible communication.

For better engagement with the target audience we created a set of landing pages

and also added a blog

We are in the process of completing the internet marketing of the site but are confident that the  re design and optimization will result in increased traffic and sales.

Read more about Paper Shower in our web design portfolio.

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The Secret of Brand Image Elements

If you are a small business owner are you getting as much bang for your buck from your brand image elements as you would like?

Confused by what your brand image elements actually are?

Think logo, color palette, type faces and  imagery.   If your marketing materials are using a hodge-podge of colors and the look and feel of any printed materials don’t match the look and feel of your website, you are missing out on the chance of building that all important factor of  “recognition” which is such a big part of branding.

Not quite sure if you are achieving this? Pull up your website, dig out your brochure, business card, an invoice, flyer, newspaper ad, etc. Do all of these materials look like they came from the same company?

Using your brand image elements effectively is not rocket science, the secret is defining them and then using them consistently.

Take a look at this lawn sign we have just created for Chicago small business, Heinzen Smith Properties lawn sign

and compare it to their web site

Home builder wilmette IL Chicago

It is quite obvious with just a cursory glance that these two marketing pieces are from the same company, the logo is the same, they share a color palette and both use similar design elements.

If you would like help building a comprehensive collection of brand image elements we are happy to help, learn more about our branding services or contact us today