What happens to Pixel and Vector graphics when they are enlarged.

Here is a graphic which illustrates what happens when you do an idential enlargement on pixel generated and vector generated circles.

The pixel generated graphic goes all blurry and not too nice at all. The vector one however stays crisp and clean.

Now imagine you want your logo enlarged 20 times and put on a banner on the side of a building. Which format would you want your logo to be in … pixel or vector?

Any logo we develop is always generated in the vector format so it will perform however you want to use it.

i Google Updated

Last week Google implemented changes to iGoogle. While some of the functionality aspects are good (like giving full gmail operation within the realms of the iGoogle page) the new navigation placement is not.

They have switched from top tab navigation to a left side bar navigation, and in essence have lost the cleanliness of design which is one of my favorite elements of the Google brand.

This is how my iGoogle page looks now.

I have held off writing this for a few days, giving myself time to acclimatize to the new layout, but almost a week later I still don’t like it. And I am not alone click here

I hope that in future developments Google offers different layout options.

Customizing Google Maps

Adding an interactive map to a web site can be a great feature. I am currently working on a new web site for Saint Louis Associates in OBGYN and needed to add a map for their two locations.
Google Maps allows the creation of customized maps and I tried this out for the first time today, successfully generating a map that delivers exactly what I wanted it to show.

You can view the map I created here