Can you read this secret message?

I came across this recently

Can you read this


It is amazing how the brain can quickly become wired to comprehend something that seems so alien.

So in the spirit of making your brain work, I have designed a little  teaser. Can you read this secret message?

can you read thisIt requires a little thought and as a  hint you will need to print it out …you can download it  here

Comment if you solve it.

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Digital Detox.

Much of my life is spent dealing with digital technology so every now and again I need a complete digital detox to recharge my creative juices.  no phone, no email, no blogging, no Facebook, no Pinterest,  no Google, no voice mail, no Photoshop, no key word analysis, no coding, no CSS, no debugging, no pulling my hair out because of Internet Explorer.

The answer…a holiday. Getting away from Chicago and heading to the coast. Give me a good book, a warm ocean, sandy toes, sea breezes, hunting for shells,  underwater handstand lessons from my teenager, key lime pie, no access to a computer and a phone that is turned off …AAAAAAAAH bliss. I find it completely liberating.

Of course coming back to work is hard even though I love my job. But I have web sites to create, brochures to design and SEO strategies to execute.

So I will have to make do with a few “digital memories” today.


digital detox of the chicago web designer

How about you…did you manage a digital detox this summer. Dd you succeed or did you have a sneak peak at your email?

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