A Fab Freebie: Adult Coloring Book

As if it not enough to be creative in my day job, my many of my hobbies revolve around creative pursuits too. Many of them appear on Creative In Chicago, my personal blog. A few years back I shared a post on how coloring can be a great stress buster… now you see adult coloring books all over the place.

I have embraced the trend and designed my own adult coloring book and you can download it for free!

free adult coloring book

free adult coloring-book download

The book is a collection of 20 designs which were a real pleasure to create.

Here is a peep at a few of them

free adult coloring sheet

free adult coloring sheet

free adult coloring sheet

New Fun Website for Kids

As a graphic designer I have always been drawn to patterns and this fascination ultimately led to a fantastic job designing anti counterfeit patterns for currency. It was the ultimate in technical design – the patterns had to not only look good but offer serious anti counterfeit protection too. Working in the security printing industry opened my eyes to all the secrets a design could hide and a new fascination was born!

Over the years I have been dabbling in these “secrets”, albeit on a much larger scale that you would typically see on a bank note and have brought the first round together in a new web site – Secret Messages for Kids!

secret messages for kids website
The site offers 4 types of secret message, all with easy to follow instructions and plenty of fun!
fancy-folding-hm cosmic-color-hm

groovy-grid-hm mask-lettersr-hm

It has been designed to appeal to kids with bright colors and hand drawn cartoons.

Illustrating a Book

Web design is generally my bread and butter but occasionally I get a completely different project on my plate.

I am currently deep in the middle of an illustration project for a freelance writer who is just getting ready to publish his first book. The book is a compilation of 100 humorous observations and stories and I will admit has had me crying with laughter. It is hard to draw when you have tears running down your face.

Each of the stories require an illustration and have turned to my old faithful ink pen to illustrate the old fashioned way. It is quite a liberating experience to spend a day filling pages in a sketch book rather than staring at a computer monitor. I have about 75 illustrations completed already, a mere 25 to go.

And as a little teaser here is a  sampling.


Line drawing of a pig

line drawing of mand with steam coming out of his ears

Line drawing if little red riding hood

The book is due for release around Thanksgiving.


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