Moving house and business: The power of the internet

For the last few months I have been seriously multi tasking. As well as running my web and graphic design business full time  I have also been coordinating our move to Chicago.

Moving is hard work!

The power of the internet has made things a lot easier than it could have been. Here are a few ways I have thanked my lucky stars that I have a connection to the world through my fingertips.

  1. Finding a new house
    My husband did all the leg work on this but sites like enabled us to preview so much information before we viewed and not just photographs. We could see a birds eye satellite shot and  find out information about schools.
  2. Selecting a Removal Company
    I visited a number of removal company web sites and selected three to give me estimates. I then used the Better Business web site to run a check on each of them. The company that came in with the cheapest quote had a load of complaints so that simple check was enough for me to strike them off my list.
  3. Changes of address.
    The number of address changes I have made is quite staggering but with so many companies and organizations providing online account access this has been a relatively simple process. The united states post office even has an online process to set up  mail forwarding.
  4. Setting up new services
    Gas, electric, telephone, TV, and that all important internet connection, all easily ordered and set up online. Automatic payments and paperless statements an added bonus.
  5. A BIG clearout
    One of the most liberating things about moving is the opportunity to get rid of junk. I have been in St Louis for 14 years (and in the same house) and my family has acquire our fair share of “stuff”.  Craigslist was my ultimate friend. I posted all sorts of junk (one mans treasure…right) and got rid of everything from  old filing cabinets to a kitchen sink.
  6. Company legalities
    Moving to a new state is akin to moving to a new country and getting the paper work set up so I would be up and running in the shortest possible time has been a snip with the info I got from both Missouri and Illinois state websites.

Everything is packed and being loaded today so I am looking forward to a new adventure in the land of Lincoln!

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